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EarBliss Pillow

EarBliss Pillow

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The EarBliss pillow is designed for ear comfort. Its unique ear holes and ergonomic shape eliminate ear pressure while side sleeping and provide optimal head and neck support in any sleeping position. Sleep comfortably on your side or back with earbuds or earrings.


Pillow: premium polyurethane memory foam.

Cover: 100% polyester


Pillow: 19.5 x 11 x 5 inches (length x width x height). Includes a 1 inch removable memory foam insert - remove to it lower the pillow height to 4 inches.

Earholes: 4 x 3 x 3 inches (length x width x depth).

Care Instructions

Cover: remove and machine wash cold, air dry, no bleach, no iron

Pillow: do not wash or submerge the memory foam pillow in water.

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Ultimate Comfort

The unique holes of the EarBliss pillow eliminate pillow ear pressure during side sleeping. The pillow is also shaped to provide optimal head and neck support to back and side sleepers.

Sleeping with earbuds or earrings?

No problem! The earholes of EarBliss pillow are large and deep enough to allow you to sleep comfortably with earbuds, earrings, or piercings, even on your side.

Adjustable height

A 1 inch removable memory foam spacer is included. Simply unzip the pillow's cover and remove the spacer to adjust the height of your EarBliss pillow.

  • Earhole dimensions (size and depth)

  • Pillow dimensions (length and width)

The EarBliss Pillow by Soli

We created the EarBliss pillow from scratch. Its unique, patent-pending design eliminates ear pressure during side sleeping, while simultaneously providing comfortable head and neck support to side and back sleepers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan R. (Macomb, IL)
Ear Bliss, the perfect pillow for me.

I have been using this pillow since Christmas, and haven’t had neck problems from sleeping,since. Other pillows, only made my neck worse.
I got one for our son with problems too, and he likes his too.

Aaron S. (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Amazing, comfortable option for side sleepers!

What a cool idea this product is! If you've ever laid in bed with earbuds on, you know rolling over to your side was a great way to have some uncomfortable ear pain. But this pillow solves that -- and perhaps more importantly, is incredibly comfortable! This pillow is perfect for side sleepers (like my wife, who has commandeered the pillow indefinitely) Definitely recommend!!

Veronica W. (Johnson City, TN)

Works just as intended and is very comfortable! While I might not use this every night, its great for when I have to share a room with someone and don't want to bother them with my sleep meditations and can see myself using this every time im in that situation. The only downside is that its a little flat for my sleeping preferences, where I enjoy sleeping on a mound of pillows, I found I needed to remove those and use just this pillow flat on my bed which is less than ideal for every night use. Overall very pleased though

Matt (Nashville, TN)
Remarkably Good Pillow

This pillow is clearly the result of a careful design process that takes into account head/neck health and ear comfort. I use this pillow every night because it provides the comfort I'm looking for, and I've never known a pillow to actually incorporate holes in its design so that your ears don't hurt after sleeping on your side. It also works amazingly well if, like me, you sleep with Soli Earbuds. One last thing: it's small and compact that it's ideal for travel. It takes up next to no room. Not bulky like typical pillows.

Nikki P. (Alpharetta, GA)
Amazing Pillow- you need this!

This pillow has been a game changer in our house! Most of us sleep on our side and so we are going to need to get more! Even if you do not sleep on your side, the quality of this pillow, including the comfort of the pillow and the cover, will help you sleep like a baby! As a side and stomach sleeper this has really helped with having a very restful sleep! My ear is not folded up in the morning because it fits perfectly in the ear slot! The other part is how it contours to your spine so it provides great stability for your spine! As an occupational therapist I'm always trying to help people with their quality of sleep! As a personal customer, I will be sharing this with my clients! I did use my headphones with the pillow and they didn't fit well but that's because the end sticks out too far, they are the old school wireless headphones. Again, this is a really awesome, thought out thoroughly by the designers! Have a great restful sleep!