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experience a restful night with your Soli pillow

Enjoy hifi sound in total comfort

Unwind with your favorite music or podcast. Sleep, surrounded by soothing nature sounds or white noise. Enjoy the amazing comfort of the Soli pillow in any sleeping position, all night long.

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Sleep comfortably with earbuds or earrings

Have earbuds that you love but can't use comfortably at night, on your side? We get it! We designed the EarBliss pillow for that exact situation. Check it out - it's a game changer!

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Soli true wireless earbuds with ANC

The Soli EarBuds feature advanced active noise cancellation and reduce ambient noise by 35 dB! Designed for all night comfort. The perfect companion to the EarBliss pillow.

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What is the Soli pillow?

Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping

If you are searching for the most comfortable noise cancelling headphones for sleeping, look no further - you've found them! Sculpted around your head, the unique shape and soft memory foam of the Soli pillow provide optimal head and neck support in any sleeping position, including on your side. Enjoy hifi sound in total comfort all night long.

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Block and Mask Disruptive Noise

Is your snoring partner or loud neighbor keeping you awake? Are nighttime noises like city traffic, barking dogs and ambulances driving you crazy? Do you wish you could simply turn off all these annoying noises so you can relax and get some sleep? Well, now you can, thanks to your Soli pillow.

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Stream Whatever Relaxes you Most

Stream music, the sound of rain or ocean waves, white noise, or your favorite podcast or meditation app directly to your Soli pillow from any Bluetooth-enabled device. And thanks to the Soli pillow's 10 hour battery life, you can sleep peacefully in your personal sound oasis all night long.

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  • Huggaroo products, created by the Founders of SOLI

    Soli's Founders, Drs. Martin and Wendy Jordanov, have launched over 30 relaxation-centric products through their former company, Huggaroo. They’ve operated on 3 continents and served over 200,000 customers worldwide. They are passionate about creating unique products of the highest quality that bring comfort to people’s lives and delivering the best customer experience.

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