george lopez and lee trevino

Soli at the 15th Annual George Lopez Golf Classic

We love supporting the George Lopez Foundation, a nonprofit organization that creates positive change and raises awareness about kidney disease and the importance of organ donation. Each year, this foundation also helps children with kidney disease relax, have fun and celebrate summer at a fantastic, medically-supportive summer camp. 

Earlier this year, Soli was a sponsor of the 15th Annual George Lopez Golf Classic at Lakeside Golf Club in Los Angeles, California. George Lopez, Linda Small and Gabrielle Chanel planned a spectacular weekend of golf, music, and fun.

The event kicked off with an intimate dinner party at Baltaire. Andy Vargas (lead singer for Carlos Santana) and his band Souleros, 16 Grammy-award winner David Foster and the incredibly talented Katharine McPhee, and virtuoso harmonica player Frédéric Yonnet, wowed us all with their unbelievable talent.

 andy vargas
Andy Vargas and Souleros
david foster and katharine foster performing
David Foster and Katharine McPhee
Frédéric Yonnet and Martin Jordanov
Frédéric Yonnet and Martin Jordanov of Soli
Wendy and Martin Jordanov - founders of Soli - at the George Lopez dinner at Baltair Los Angeles
Soli's Founders, Wendy and Martin Jordanov

Marty and I, the founders of Soli, had a blast meeting a wide variety of our favorite celebrities and distinguished athletes, and sharing with them the  production-ready prototype of the Soli pillow. The attendees gave us lots of wonderful feedback and were really excited about the upcoming release of this innovative product. Several wished they could grab one right then and there - sadly, we only had a single prototype at the event!


One of favorite interactions was when Cedric the Entertainer tried the Soli pillow: he smiled, sighed and waved to his golf buddies, saying, "You just go on without me!".

Cedric the Entertainer enjoying the Soli pillowCedric the Entertainer and Soli pillow's creator, Martin Jordanov, sharing a laugh


Here are a few more photos from this fun event:

don cheadle trying out the Soli pillow
Don Cheadle, trying out the Soli pillow
Don Cheadle and George Lopez trying out the Soli pillow
Don Cheadle and George Lopez
Don Cheadle and Martin Jordanov, the creator of the Soli pillow
Don Cheadle and Martin Jordanov
Emilio Rivera of Mayans M.C., trying out the Soli pillow
Emilio Rivera
Emilio Rivera and the creator of the Soli pillow - Martin Jordanov
DL Hughley and Martin Jordanov
DL Hughley, trying out the Soli pillow
DL Hughley trying out the Soli pillow
golf legend Lee Trevino
One of golf's greatest players ever, Lee Trevino
boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard with Soli Pillow CEO Martin Jordanov
Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard
Santana singer Andy Vargas and Soli's CEO, Martin Jordanov
Santana's lead singer, Andy Vargas
Patrica Darbo having fun with the Soli pillow
Actress Patrika Darbo
Patrika Darbo trying out the Soli pillow
Soli's founders, Wendy and Martin Jordanov at the 15th annual George Lopez Golf Classic
Soli's Founders, Drs Wendy and Martin Jordanov

We are excited to be able to share the Soli pillow with you, too! The long wait is over - the Soli pillow is expected to be in stock by mid September, 2022. Looking for a better night’s sleep? Try a Soli Pillow today and find solitude anywhere.

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